Multhana are working with Brisbane City Council to minimise the risk of Coronavirus by providing cleaning and sanitisation services to a fleet of Brisbane buses.

This collaboration highlights an innovative example of community during this unprecedented crisis, fulfilling our company mission of “coming together to help each other.”

Positive community outcomes

The sanitisation of the Brisbane City Council buses helps to fight the spread of Coronavirus, protecting both council employees and commuters. This cleaning project work has provided employment opportunities and guaranteed work for our cleaning team, new and existing, during this unprecedented time.

It is more important than ever to come together and to help each other in this time. Multhana are providing the resources for the Council to protect commuters and employees from Coronavirus. At the same time, the new work has enabled us to take on new employees and provide additional opportunity for employment”,  commented Multhana Managing Director, Joseph Wallace.

Multhana have also joined forces with a Brisbane-founded company to use their fogging solution and spray in the bus sanitisations.

Underway since mid-March, our team disinfect the buses with a combination of decontamination fogging and surface wipe-downs. The team are protected from potential exposure to Coronavirus by adhering to infection prevention and control practices, including correct use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The sanitisation and cleaning process ensures council buses are frequently disinfected to help fight the outbreak of COVID-19 in Brisbane, and provide safer public transport for travellers.

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