The Queensland Resources Council has announced Multhana founder Joseph Wallace as 2022’s Indigenous advocacy award winner.

The award celebrates leading Indigenous participation practice in the Queensland resources sector.

Mr Wallace said he was pleased to see Queensland’s resources industry was “fair dinkum” when it came to giving Indigenous businesses opportunities.

“It’s really good to see the resource sector employing and giving Indigenous opportunities in that sector, which is really good, and it sort of opened up my eyes because it’s the first year we nominated and we got we got awarded,” he said.

“A lot of anonymous people came up and congratulated me, and just to hear them talk about how they take pride in their Indigenous workforce, procurement and giving Indigenous people opportunity,”

“You don’t see that in the government… I was in government for thirty years and you don’t see a lot of that, it’s all about bureaucracy.”

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Joey Wallace - Multhana Property Services - Indigenous Cleaning Business